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Welcome to Dairy Facilities Engineering

part of the PRO-DAIRY Program at Cornell University

This site offers dairy producers valuable research and time-proven methods to improve their dairy operation.

The goal is to maximize dairy profits through cow comfort: the more comfortable the cows, the more they will produce.

How can you get more comfortable cows? There are various methods, including ventilation, heat stress relief, facility design, stall design, and a proper flooring surface. Visit the Presentations, Drawings, Papers, and Photos sections of this site for further explanation of these methods, and if you have questions about the content, contact Curt Gooch.

Interactive Tunnel Ventilation Program
Design a tunnel ventilation system for your facility and run a cash flow analysis
coming soon Interactive Capital Cost Analysis Program
Estimate capital cost of a new dairy facility via an itemized estimation process
(These programs work on Microsoft Windows using Mozilla and/or IE. You may receive errors with other operating systems or browsers.)
National Air Emissions Monitoring Study / EPA Consent Agreement Update (March 9, 2011)

This site compiles the research of Curt Gooch, a Senior Extension Associate with the PRO-DAIRY Program at Cornell University. Curt has studied animal housing and waste management for 13 years.